Elite Test 360 & Ripped Muscle X
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muscle2Getting the best results as fast as possible is the personal challenge of every bodybuilder.  In this rush many are tempted to try different shady supplements that are flooding the online market these days.

So, why not trying something that is already used and already proven to give what is made for?

Why not to choose a REAL combo that is used by thousands of people in the gym in this very moment?

Would you prefer a Chinese supplement with no displayed ingredients or a veritable 100% natural, made in a real lab, cGMP approved, by real doctors?

Besides a rigorous training program and a healthy diet, an athlete or bodybuilder must pay a very close attention at the supplements intake, each month. Supplements are one of the most important parts for getting a lean body, free from fat and extra pounds.

The right supplements are the ones that were created to help, that use 100% organic compounds and are made by doctors and nutritionists, because the dosage has to be just right!.

Elite Test 360  & Ripped Muscle X is THAT supplement pack! The formula is made not only to help you during and after training, but to balance the social and sexual life. Elite Test 360 & Ripped Muscle X is a complete pack, containing the most important ingredients for a ripped, healthy body.

Elite Test 360 – Is designed to boost your metabolism and to push that limit of exercises further and further. With pure synthetized L- Argenine and Tribulus Extract 100% Natural, you simply cannot go wrong with this top of the art formula!  Besides the excellent fitness effects, Elite Test 360 will help your sex drive as well, due to the pure Tribulus extract!

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Our L- Argenine special formula will help you:

  • support liver function, cardiovascular and kidney
  • reduce cerebral ammonia toxicity: reduce ammonia and other toxic derivatives of nitrogen from the body through their metabolism in liver urea, less toxic
  • supports the release of growth hormone that stimulates growth in childhood and adulthood regeneration and tissue repair
  •  formation of nitric oxide which helps dilate blood vessels relax and maintain the elasticity positive effect
  • regulation of blood pressure levels, improving peripheral circulation
  • cardiac muscle oxygenation
  • reducing endothelial dysfunction: reduce atherosclerotic plaque progression, oxidation of LDL – “bad” cholesterol and reduce platelet aggregation
  • improving semen quality and reducing erectile dysfunction
  • stimulation of muscle cell energy metabolism by participating in hepatic synthesis of creatine role in muscle contraction


Tribulus Extract comes from the organic of roots of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Extract from Elite Test 360 has the essential  property to increase natural testosterone secretion by 30%.

Tribulus Extract has proven to be a very good supplement for athletes who want an increase in muscle mass and strength 100% naturally with reliable results.

In addition, tribulus product, plays an important role in muscle growth, strength, fertility and libido, and is having a beneficial effect on the production of hemoglobin and immune system.

Tribulus terrestris is a stimulant that increases levels of free testosterone by producing luteinizing hormone (LH).


Ripped Muscle X – Is a whole new formula based on Creatine.

This supplement will deliver and deliver and deliver! It is tested in professional gym classes every day! We took a good Creatine formula and made it perfect! The ripped muscles will be a problem no more and that is a guarantee! Our pure Creatine formula, packed in Ripped Muscle X will simply amaze you from day one.

! Creatine is a natural occurring acid responsible for energy supplies to all cells in the human body. Get Ripped Muscle X and take it to a whole new level


For The Best and Guaranteed Effects, don’t forget to use the entire formula

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